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Skin Care from the Inside-Out

Sure, you've heard the old adage, "You are what you eat..." But did you realize that it couldn't ring more true than it does when it comes to taking care of your body's largest organ - your skin? At some point in time, whether immediately or in the future, the foods and drinks you consume will either wreak havoc on your skin, or cause it to flourish.


One of the core beliefs at NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO is that skin care starts in your gut. What you put in, you get out, and when you put in healthy, substinent nutrition, you reap the benefits of healthy and naturally glowing skin.

In keeping with this belief, Studio Members begin their healthy skin journey by participating in the Studio Beauty Detox Program. A program designed to be a smooth transition from your previously glow-hampering nutritional lifestyle, to one that will accelerate your results. One of the keys to a successful skin regimen, is removing from your body what has not served you by means of detoxification.

A Commitment to Home Care

Yes, it's true that professional treatments do amazing things for your skin! However, in-studio treatments are only 20% of the equation that produces healthy skin. The remaining 80% depends upon your at-home supplementation.


Similar to achieving a goal weight (80% of what you eat, and 20% of time spent working out), being consistent with home care is essential to meeting and exceeding your skin goals. At NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO, your Skin Therapist prescribes your home care regimen, specifically designed to address and progressively correct your unique skin concerns.

Access to Award-Winning Products

NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO prides itself in providing members with award-winning professional products. These preferred brands - Skin Script Rx, PCA SKIN, and IMAGE Skincare - have been tested and proven to yield lasting results for various skin types and conditions, without disrupting the integrity of the skin.


Awards hale from various authorities within the skin care industry, such as ASCP Skin Deep, and Dermascope Magazine.

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Progressive Corrective Care - A Note from Cherie

As someone who is passionate about skin care and has had to develop a plan to overcome her own skin woes, I understand that no two skin types or conditions are alike, and that carefully curated and maintained beauty practices will help you achieve all of your most sought after glowing-skin goals. Just as much, I am a firm believer that the resolution of undesired skin conditions requires progressive and consistent treatment in order to effect lasting changes.

Based on my understanding and beliefs, I have made client education, and commitment to progressive corrective care key factors in skin transformation at the Studio.

So, what can you expect as a member at NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO?

Let’s take a look...

After a detailed consultation and analysis at your initial visit, you will be educated about your skin’s current unique condition, and what it will need to bring it to a balanced state. Personal goals will be mapped out in stages so we can keep track of our baseline and achievements. The following corrective care will include a combination of various treatments, modalities, and a curated home care regimen that will work to progressively improve your skin’s state.

During the treatment process, we will periodically review your baseline and goals to ensure that we are addressing each concern and are continually advancing through the process. Once we’ve achieved all of your goals, we will be able to determine appropriate maintenance measures to keep your skin glowing.


Well-nourished, healthy skin is possible with the correct education, implementation of corrective measures, and dedication to the process. An important thing to remember though, is that as long as it took to create adverse conditions for your skin, it will take at least as long to make the necessary corrections that will allow your skin to flourish.

So, if you’re ready to take a step in the right direction, I’m ready to coach you through! Let’s work together, develop a plan, and watch you shine!

I look forward to serving you soon!

Your Skin Therapist,



Cherie A. Elder, L.E.

Licensed Esthetician and Owner

Esthetics Educator

Certified Multicultural Skin Care Therapist

Welcome, Beautiful! I'm Cherie, licensed esthetician, esthetic educator, and owner of NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO, and I am passionate about helping you achieve clear, glowing skin! As an esthetic educator who specializes in progressive corrective care for skin of color, I enjoy bringing the skin basics taught in the classroom into my treatment room, so that you will be well equipped to understand your own skin and how to provide it with the most effective care. Along with classroom basics, I also incorporate what I like to call a "whole-istic" approach to addressing your skin concerns and achieving your skin goals.

What is this "whole-istic" approach?

First things first, I'm here to help you understand how your skin's health has more to do with what's going on inside of your body than you may realize. Together, we will take a look at your skin and health history, lifestyle habits, nutritional habits, and past and present product use - the whole picture - to determine the foundation of what's causing your skin troubles. Then, we discuss how making adjustments in these areas could impact the overall health of your skin and start you on the road to consistent skin success.


Once we've determined what internal and lifestyle adjustments you want to commit to, I curate home care and in-studio treatment plans that will provide your skin the external nutrition and therapy it needs to glow.

To sum things up in full transparency, I'm here to help your skin heal. When it comes to correcting skin problems, time and commitment will be equally necessary in order to see and maintain results. If you are looking for a spa-like experience, with soft music and a flowery touch, I am not the esthetician for you. If you are looking for someone who will help you get to the root of what has been causing your skin to be "unwell" for so long, and will provide you with a solution... let's get to work!


Read more about my personal journey in my interviews with Voyage Baltimore and Canvas Rebel magazines.

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