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This phase is designed for new clients who have little to no experience working with a personal esthetician. This phase of treatment focuses on repairing any present barrier damage, followed by addressing top skin conditions and concerns. Conditions may include hyperpigmentation, acne, and signs of aging. Treatments may include corrective options chemical peels, radio frequency, and dermaplaning, and are usually performed anywhere from once a week to every three weeks, for a period of up to three months.



This phase is designed for intermediate clients whose goal is to maintain the results achieved during the rehabilitation/corrective phase. Clients in the maintenance phase of care consistently adhere to their curated home care regimen, as well as keep up with Studio appointments. Treatments may primarily consist of Signature options with enhancements and will incorporate corrective treatment options or enhancements on an as-needed basis. Program length is determined based on the needs of the skin and client’s adherence to therapist’s home care and lifestyle recommendations.



This phase is designed for seasoned clients who are happy with their overall results and are mainly interested in being proactive against any future signs of aging. This program primarily focuses on the incorporation of stem cells, growth factors, and advanced anti-aging formulations with therapies such as microcurrent and radio frequency in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Expected results are the prevention or smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, and toning and lifting of facial muscles. Program consists of treatments every 2-3 weeks for a period of 3-6 months. Regular maintenance is recommended to best maintain results.

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